The best student discount (UK)? Amazon Prime Student! 2023

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If you don’t know what this is about, don’t worry, you are not the first one! It’s shocking to see how many university students don’t actually know about this deal in the UK.

When asking around for student offers, you always hear the usual ones. However, there is one which is arguable the best student discount available out there, and it is often overlooked.

In this post we will have a look at Amazon Prime Student UK and the main benefits of it. Ultimately, we will go through how to sign up step by step! (if you are just interested in this part you can scroll down towards the end of the post)

Is there a student discount on Amazon UK?

So does Amazon offer a student discount? Yes, and it’s designed for students only! In fact, as we will see later when we go through how to sign up step by step, you will need to use your university email.

What is the best part of all of the above? It is free for 6 months! As a student you get a free trial for that long period!

You can cancel at any time, although it is worth keeping it.. Why? Because after the free trial it’s half price until graduation!

Unfortunately, as you have probably guessed, it only lasts until you are actually a student. So, take advantage while you still can, it would be a pity to let this student offer go.

However, it is up to you if you just want to use the free trial for 6 months, or keep it for half price until the end of your degree.

What benefits do you get with an Amazon Prime student account UK

Here comes the best part, the main benefits that you get with a prime student account. This offer was specifically designed for students and it’s a no brainer, let’s see what you get.

Firstly, forget about delivery fees. With a prime student account you have free unlimited one-day deliveries, which is great when you need something urgent.

One thing we want to say about this, please be considerate of the environment and workers. If you don’t need something urgent, maybe use the standard delivery rather than next day one.

Secondly, you get Amazon Prime Video included with your student account. This will give you access to hundreds of movies, tv series, documentaries, live sport events such as football matches and much more!

Moreover, you also have access to Amazon Music. As you might have guessed, with your student prime account you will have access to songs and podcasts without any ads breaks!

On top of those above, you also get exclusive student discounts such as 10% off textbooks, 10% off selected clothing, shoes & accessories; and other offers on stationery and university essentials.

Other less common benefits of a prime account include a secure online storage service for photos & videos; early access to lighting deals, and a clothing service to try first and pay only what you keep.

How to get the Amazon student discount step by step

Now let’s see how to sign-up and get a student prime account. The process below works in both cases, whether you are setting up a new account, or converting an existing one to a student account.

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime Student landing page;
  2. You will see this: Start your 6-month trial, then click on “Try Prime Student”;
  3. Sign-in if you already have an account; or sign up; (see below)
  4. Insert your university email address; ( or if in the Republic of Ireland)
  5. Insert your expected graduation year;
  6. Payment details (don’t worry, they are only needed to sign up, first 6 months are free!)
  7. Verify you email (Amazon will send it to your university email);
  8. Enjoy the benefits!

If you have a Prime membership you don’t need to cancel it, Amazon will automatically change it to Prime Student once you get through the process above.

If you do not have an email address with those suffixes or you are having problems with your current one, you can write an email to and they will sort it out for you!

In the first case, just remember to cancel it before the sixth month, or it will automatically update to the half price discount (currently £4.49 a month)

How to use Amazon Prime Student to save money at university

Few tips on using your prime student account to save money at university. The most obvious savings you can make with a prime student account are delivery fees and exclusive student offers.

However, there is something else you can do to save money as a student. Even if you just get the 6-month free trial, that’s a long time.

You get access to prime video, which is basically a very similar to services like Netflix. Therefore, if you also have other alike subscriptions, you might want to consider stopping those for 6 months and use the free prime video version instead!

Similarly, as your prime student account also includes music, you could do the same with similar subscriptions.

Try them first when you sign up, you might not notice big a difference between all those services. If you are on a tight budget at university, this can save you quite a lot of money in 6 months!

Conclusions, is this the best student discount in the UK?

Is this the best university student deal in the UK? Well, after all we discussed above, you can reach your own conclusions on this..

One thing is for sure, it is a great offer which is often forgotten by the student community. When you add-up all the benefits, you can make a lot of savings at university!

Hopefully this post has helped you, take advantage of your student status while you still can! It only lasts until graduation, you will regret not doing it.

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