Study from Home Essentials UK 2022/2023, the simpler the better

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Distance learning is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Whether you are doing an online degree, or you are planning to study remotely most of the time, you will find these study from home essentials useful.

This list is designed to create a simple & minimalistic study environment at home. However, you will also find other student essential lists at the end of this post.

Study from home essentials

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1. Adjustable Laptop & Tablet Stand (portable!)

When studying at home it is easy to put too much stress on your neck. This is because naturally you tend to lean forward to look down your screen. A laptop stand will raise the screen at an eye-level and prevent that.

Moreover, it is nice for virtual meetings to look straight at the camera rather than downwards. This laptop stand is also foldable, and you can easily take it with you anywhere. If you are studying off a laptop or tablet, you will find this stand very beneficial for your posture!

2. LED Desk Lamp (eye-caring)

This is a great companion for those long dark and cold evenings spent studying. It is important to adjust brightness levels to limit light sensitivity which might disrupt your sleep.

As well as being energy efficient, this LED desk lamp has vision caring technology which prevents dizzy light and thus eye fatigue. It’s definitely a study from home essential!

3. Keyboard & Mouse (wireless and with UK layout!)

This complements well with the laptop stand as it would not be comfortable to type on it. A keyboard will also help you keep your elbows in a more straight position, again improving your posture.

This set comes with a mouse as well, which is another plus. A wireless keyboard & mouse set is something that as soon as you start using it, you will never stop.

4. Headphones (with microphone!)

There are several reasons why a headphones set is part of a study from home essentials list. Firstly, it will allow you to concentrate better when listening/watching lectures. This is due to the higher sound quality combined with the noise cancelling feature.

Moreover, with the amount of live tutoring sessions and virtual meetings, it’s ideal to get a microphone too. As well as making you sound clearer when speaking, it will also look very professional! This headphones set is perfect for that.

5. Stationary Organiser

Your study desk can get very messy at times, it’s normal. However, looking at a disorganised desk might also (unconsciously) put you off from starting your study session.

It is therefore important to keep your study desk neat and tidy as much as possible. Getting a stationary organiser will help you do that!

6. Printer/Scanner (wireless)

This is often overlooked when thinking about study from home essentials. Printing out study materials and manually highlighting key concepts is still one of the best study methods out there.

This will come in handy for exam revision when you will have a lot of study material to cover. Moreover, a printer will also help you reduce screen time, which is good for your eyes.

7. Office Chair (comfortable!)

Some days you will spend hours sitting at your study desk. Being comfortable when studying is key to study at home effectively!

An office chair will enable you to study for long time while maintaining a correct posture. This will prevent back pain and other postural issues.

8. Monitor (24 inch)

There is a massive difference between studying from a laptop screen and a monitor. This is something you will really notice only after you try it!

A monitor can really improve the way you study; you’ll find it easier to read things; even writing will get easier as you will spot grammar mistakes more efficiently; not to even mention watching videos and so on.

9. Laptop Tray (for bed/sofa)

There will always be those lazy days where you will study from your couch or bed. With a laptop tray you will also be able to use a mouse.

As well as that, it’s great for watching movies in your bed! You can consider this laptop tray a study from home (less) essential.

More study essentials UK

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