10 university student gift ideas UK, innovative & useful 2022

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If you are looking for some university student gift ideas that can suit multiple occasions you are in the right place. I have personally received these items as gifts, or I bought them to treat myself after achieving important study objectives; (this is something I would always recommend doing by the way, reward yourself for your hard work!)

As usual, I will leave a direct link to Amazon for you to check prices, features and reviews; please note, these are student gifts that I received/bought, but if you have any recommendations let me know and I will add it to the list!

Innovative student gift ideas for university 2022

As I said at the beginning, these student gifts are good for any occasion really; starting university, end of year, graduation, travel, or just to cheer someone up.

1. World Globe

I wanted to start with this as I’m particularly attached to it. It was a student gift I received in my last year at university while dealing with a lot of stress writing my dissertation. The message was clear, as soon as this is over I can start doing some travelling, or at least dream of it!

I kept it on my study desk as an encouragement, it really made me “dream” at times, it pushed me to finish my studies; but it’s also a great decoration and it’s obviously good for geographical knowledge. I like that the globe itself doesn’t take a lot of space (although there are different sizes available should you want to get a bigger one); and I love the black and silver colours as opposed to the traditional ones. This world globe is definitely something to consider as a student gift idea.

2. Backpack

Different story here, I actually bought this for my partner at university (red colour) and I end up buying one for myself (black colour). It ticked the boxes I was looking for: a comfortable backpack to carry my laptop and notebooks; and stylish at the same time (vintage backpacks with a rectangular shape are very trendy)

I am using it for everything really, for work, for travelling, even hiking sometimes! Very good material, water proof to make it water resistant; perfect capacity wise as well. This backpack is definitely another great university student gift idea to consider.

3. Card Holder Wallet

There are two main reasons that make this a great student gift idea. Firstly, with cash becoming less used, there is no need to carry large wallets/purses anymore; which is a plus considering how much stuff students carry to university everyday. Secondly, card holder wallets are made of a material that shields and protects cards from being cloned or scanned by scammers.

Apparently these thieves walk past you and they use a sort of device that copies your card or starts a transaction! Having a card holder wallet makes me feel safe from all that (although most recent traditional wallets also have that feature). This can hold multiple cards and it’s also got little pockets for notes too. I would definitely consider it a great and innovative student gift idea!

4. Mini Projector

You might think that this is a student gift to encourage social activities, and I partially agree with that. However, I mainly used it alone in my flat really! I remember those nights lying down in bed after exhausting study days; I would put a nice movie “on the wall” and relax!

Obviously, it’s also great for organizing social movie nights with friends at university, but that wasn’t really my initial intention. I bought this mini projector as a reward for passing a difficult exam; this came with a screen which is a big plus if you don’t have a nice white wall. I would recommend a mini projector as a student gift for sure!

5. Echo Dot

A perfect gift for students who like technology. If you are not familiar with it, basically it’s a speaker that acts as a “personal assistant” (Alexa should ring a bell). You can use voice commands to ask questions, play the news, play music, and many other tasks.

Having an echo dot is the first step towards setting up a smart student room. This is certainly a good student gift idea for technology lovers or for those who would like to become more tech savvy.

6. Earbuds

These are very, extremely popular at the moment. I’ll be honest here, I was quite sceptical about earbuds initially. This is because I loved putting on a traditional headphones while studying. I felt “isolated” from the environment surrounding me and I was able to focus more on my studies.

As I’m not studying anymore, I decided to give it a try instead of carrying around my headphones. Well, it was a nice surprise. They have a noise cancelling feature that works as good as headphones basically, which I believe is what was creating that sense of isolation I mentioned above. In any case, they are much more comfortable to carry around for obvious reasons; plus you can also use it while going for a run or inn the gym. I can say earbuds are another great student gift idea!

7. Coffee machine

A perfect student gift in my opinion, actually a perfect gift for anyone really! I bought this for myself as I started to get busier and had less time in the morning for a proper cup of coffee. The good thing is that when I do have time, I can use it to make cappuccinos, lattes and all sorts of coffees I want!

This is the one I bought as I noticed a large availability of capsules/pods (either original or adaptable) available in local supermarkets. This is important when you run out and don’t want to wait for an online delivery. This coffee machine makes a great student gift!

8. Smart Watch

Another great student gift idea for technology lovers. Although I historically used traditional watches, I found this very useful for an everyday use! I would wear it at the gym, in class, when going for a run and even at university networking events.

I got this after attending an career fair event at university. There is a whole story behind buying this smart watch as a student; if you have been around this blog for a while I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In any case, a smart watch is something to take into consideration for student gifts.

9. JBL Speaker

A “cool” student gift for those who like having a BBQ at the park with friends (or those lucky ones living near a beach). I like the fact that it’s very small and you can easily take it with you anywhere.

This is definitely something more social to enjoy some music in groups, although it can obviously be used at home as well. So if you are still not sure about student gifts, the JBL speaker is surely something to consider.

10. Kindle

This is a great student gift idea for readers and book lovers! I bought this for my partner as she is one of them. I’ve personally read only few books in my life (embarrassing really); but I’m now into audiobooks so I guess that compensates.

In any case, few positive things about this student gift from my girlfriend: it’s lighter and easier to carry compared to actual books; this applies when reading too, so you can get in all those weird reading positions without your arms getting paralysed; nobody can actually see what you are reading as there is no book cover, which is great; there is a front light you can adjust when reading in darkness without having to rely on other lights and so on. A kindle reader is another great student gift idea, particularly for book lovers!

Student gift ideas

Thank you for reading my student gift idea list, I hope you find it useful! As usual, if you have any recommendations for me let me know. You can get in touch via the Facebook page of this blog, or Reddit community.

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