Student essentials UK 2022, a day on campus

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If you are unsure about what to take to university for the day, this list will help you. In this post we will go through all the student essentials you need to take with you on campus.

The list below is designed for a normal day at university, everything you might need to put in your backpack before leaving your flat. However, at the end of this post you will also find other useful lists such as study from home and student accommodation/flats essentials.

Student essentials, on campus

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1. Water Bottle (leakproof)

Probably the easiest way to contribute to fight plastic waste. Universities usually have various water points across the campus. You can use those to refill your bottle instead of buying plastic ones.

This water bottle comes in bigger sizes (and colours), although 500ml is the most comfortable to carry. The leakproof feature ensures no liquids are spilled, definitely a must.

2. Coffee Cup (travel mug)

A money saving tip here. Students tend to drink several coups of coffees/teas throughout the day. When around the campus, this can get quite expensive to do at the cafes.

Again, as for water points, campuses should have various kitchen facilities you can use. These are usually very basic (kettle, microwave, sink etc) and are mainly used by lecturers and uni staff. Bring your own coffee/tea bags and use the kettle there! A portable coffee cup is part of the student essentials for sure.

3. Umbrella (windproof and foldable!)

Well, you know the UK and those rainy days, classic! Unfortunately rain isn’t the only problem, the combo with wind is lethal unless you have a quality umbrella.

This umbrella is not only windproof (very sturdy), but also foldable as well. This is important as you could easily fit it into your backpack and take it out when needed. Definitely a student essential for university.

4. Raincoat (lightweight)

Speaking about rainy days, as an alternative to the umbrella you might want to get one of these. It’s designed to cover your backpack as well if you are carrying one.

It can come in very handy to avoid getting soaked and potentially damaging your devices! Again, this raincoat is lightweight and foldable and you can keep it in you backpack if you want. (you can also choose a different colour!)

5. Power Bank (small but powerful)

Unless you want to carry around your laptop charger and all other cables/chargers at all times, then you need a good power bank. Mind that it needs to be powerful enough to charge a laptop, which is the priority.

This power bank is very light, it allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and it’s powerful enough to charge a laptop. This can literally save you when unexpectedly running low on battery; therefore it’s definitely part of a student essentials list for university!

Headphones (wireless)

You might think this is about music, and it is partially true. It’s nice to walk around the campus while listening to your favourite songs. However, there is also a study reason behind it too.

Sometimes you just won’t find a quiet place to study, particularly during exam periods where most students spend hours at the library. A nice pair of headphones will help you focus on your studies in noisy environments!

Acer Swift 14 inch Laptop (budget quality laptop!)

It’s often useful to take your laptop to university; you might use to take notes during lectures, or study/prep for the next one.

This is a very good quality laptop if you have a limited budget! It’s very light to carry and it has a very long lasting battery. It’s perfect for running the Microsoft Office package and other basic tasks such as streaming and social media. (p.n. if your subject requires heavy software, e.g. CAD, then you’ll need a more powerful laptop!)

Backpack (comfortable!)

No matter how light these items are, you will still need to carry them around the campus for the entire day. Therefore, a good backpack is definitely a student essential for university.

This backpack is well padded for back support; it has its own laptop compartment separated from the main one; and it’s also got multiple pockets for the other items.

Saving money and more student essentials

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Should you want to keep it, it will only cost you half price until graduation, a bargain! A student prime account will give you unlimited next day deliveries (very useful at university); access to prime video to watch movies and tv series; access to amazon music and other exclusive Amazon UK deals. As a student, it could save you a lot of money!

See below how to sign up step by step:

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  2. You will see this: Start your 6-month trial, click on “Try Prime Student”;
  3. Sign-up or sign-in if you already have a Prime account;
  4. Insert your university email address ( or if in the Republic of Ireland);
  5. Insert your expected graduation year;
  6. Payment details (don’t worry, it’s only needed to sign up, first 6 months are free)
  7. Verify you email (Amazon will send an email to your university email);
  8. Enjoy the benefits! This is definitely one of the best student deals out there.

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