Student accommodation essentials UK 2023, most useful & forgotten!

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Welcome to another university essentials list. In this specific post we will go through the student accommodation essentials.

As you might know already, we have split this category in more parts as below.

Whether you are staying in a university hall, or you are sharing a flat with other students, there are certain items that will make your student life much easier.

So what do you really need to take to university? For this list we will mainly focus on the most useful and often forgotten student essentials to take to university.

All the items below are available on Amazon UK and you will find a direct link to check their current prices, reviews and other features.

Mini Desk Fan (silent)

Student rooms can get very hot at times (some don’t even let you open windows fully); which might have a significant impact on study performances.

A silent desk fan will get you some fresh air while studying without disturbing!

Desk Lamp (eye-caring)

Studying in the evening and late at night will happen frequently at university, particularly during exam periods! A desk lamp is definitely a very useful thing to take to university.

Moreover, the eye-care feature (like the model above) is very important! It would let you adjust brightness levels, therefore avoiding eye fatigue that would disrupt your sleep.

Handheld Cordless Vacuum (small)

One of the most useful item to keep your student room clean at all times. Snacking while relaxing on bed/sofa is very common for students.

A cordless vacuum will help you get rid of breadcrumbs (and dust) easily, therefore keeping unwanted insects away.

Laundry Basket (this comes in different sizes & colours)

One of the most forgotten essential for student room accommodation or shared flat. Ideally, you would get two in order to keep colour and non-colour laundry separated, but it’s up to you.

The one in the link also comes in different sizes and colours, remember to pick the one(s) that fits your needs.

Door Hangers (hooks)

This is definitely an essential for student accommodation to include in your packing list for university. Student rooms can get quite messy with coats, clothes and bathroom robes and towels.

The main entrance door is usually the fire door, so remember to place it on other doors instead!

Under-Bed Storage Bags (x2)

Another useful way to maximise space in your student room. Under bed bags are particularly useful to neatly store extra blankets, duvets and stuff you need for season changes. This will save you space in the wardrobe to use for clothes.

Extension Cable (with USB ports)

With the amount of devices students generally have, an extension cable is definitely another essential for student accommodations or shared flats. This also has USB charging ports which makes it even better.

First Aid Kit (basic)

Student halls will have first aid kits in various points as well as dedicated staff trained to use them in case.

However, keeping a basic first aid kit in your student room is also a good idea! (hoping that this will never become a student accommodation essential!)

Essential Oil Diffuser (aromatherapy)

Student rooms are quite compact and can get very smelly at times. As candles are prohibited due to fire safety policies; an essential oil diffuser can make your student room smell nice!

Weighted Blanket (select the right size!)

This is great to improve your quality of sleep as a student! Weighted blankets can help you with insomnia, stress relief, anxiety and other common student wellbeing issues.

This would be a great addition to your bedding stuff, and definitely a student accommodation essentials list.

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