Mature student gift ideas UK 2022, useful gifts!

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Are you looking for some mature student gift ideas? In this post we will go through some of the best present ideas for someone who is returning, or has returned, to education.

Just like you would do for any students, you want to get something useful but at the same time not entirely related to studying; something more “general”.

A good gift for a mature student would enhance a better study experience; or help him/her to relax after a long day spent studying.

Mature student gift ideas

All of the gift ideas below are available on Amazon UK, and you will find a direct link for each to check current prices, reviews and other info.

1. Motivational Water Bottle (stay hydrated!)

It’s very easy to forget to stay hydrated when studying. This water bottle not only has time markers to help measuring water intake throughout the day, but it also shows inspirational quotes for each!

2. Milk Frother (cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate & more!)

Coffee, lots of coffee in, is part of the student life. A milk frother is a great gift idea for a mature student who loves coffee. It is perfect for making delicious coffees like a barista!

3. Desk Organiser (neat & tidy study desk)

Setting up a neat and tidy study desk is an activity that any student loves to do! A desk organiser can definitely help in that regard and makes a great gift for someone returning to education.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser (aromatherapy)

This is an alternative item for a study desk. Some people find scents and aromatherapy very useful for concentration and productivity. An essential oil diffuser is surely another great gift idea for a mature student!

5. Echo Dot (Alexa)

You can say something like: “Hey, I got you a personal assistant!”. An echo dot is often overlooked as a student gift. Nevertheless, it might be a useful present for a mature student trying to become more tech savvy.

6. Wall Art Motivational Posters (inspirational)

There will be tough times, returning to education is challenging. However, sometimes the right motivation can change someone’s day! These motivational posters make a great gift for a mature student returning to education.

7. Laptop Tray (for bed/sofa)

Every student has those lazy days where it’s just “easier” to study from their bed or sofa. This laptop tray will come in very handy for those days.

8. Neck Massager (relax)

Neck pain is really common among students, no matter at what age. After those long days spent in front of a screen, a neck massager can be a great way to relax and a great mature student gift!

9. The Mature Student’s Handbook (study guide)

A more study-related gift here. This handbook is specifically designed to help mature students overcome the challenges of returning to education after a long time off studying.

10. Kindle (useful!)

This is definitely one of the most useful gift for a mature student. A kindle reader allows you download readings on it, meaning you could study directly from the kindle and so decrease screen time.

More mature student gift ideas

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