How this Blog Can Help You to Return to Education

This blog was born with a clear objective: to encourage people that are thinking to return to education, but are held back by a barrier made of doubts and questions. I had to deal with that myself, so hopefully I can help you by sharing what I have learned throughout my journey as a mature student.

There are several reasons that might push you to return to study. In my case it was the desire of a career change. I was stuck in hospitality and I could not see a way out. I also tried to make my way up in the hospitality industry, but I have soon realised that it would take me ages, even longer without qualifications.

Regardless of what your reasons are, there are doubts and challenges that hold people back from making the step and being successful. Lots of questions, is it too late? Is it worth it? Am I going to be able to study at a high-level? Will I find a better job? These are just a taste of what I was going through, by I managed to overcome these daunting obstacles.

How this blog can help you

I will share on this blog everything that might be of help to you. Hopefully here you can find those answers you are looking for; from making the initial step and overcoming those barriers, to choosing the right subjects for you; from studying efficiently to submitting your last exam or dissertation. Most importantly, changing your life and getting your dream job.

What is in the middle is enormous; years of study, assessments, presentations, stress and so on. But the more you wait the more you will regret not starting. How this blog can help you return to study depends on you! Education is the key to change your life and get the career you really want. Please don’t accept the situation in which you are now if it makes you feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

You have nothing to lose, only a lot to gain. On this blog I will provide you with guidance, but the choice of making the initial step is only yours. If you never start you will never know how it would be, only how it would not. Make sure to check the blog for new content. If you have any particular question, request, or you just need to get in touch you can head over the contact page.

Please also be aware that everything you will find on this blog is solely based on my experience and opinions. Therefore, before making any decisions please do your own research. You can check the disclaimer page for more clarifications.