The best student discount? Amazon Prime Student

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, you are not the first one. Personally, I didn’t know I could save so much money on Amazon until my last year of university! This means, unfortunately, that I missed on the benefits of this student discount for most of my time at university.. hopefully […]

Brexit. European flag, UK flag. Job opportunity

Why Brexit is an opportunity to find a better job!

We have previously discussed how the environment surrounding you influences your decision making about your future. If you want to have a read through that, you can find it here: “Why you are unsure about returning to study”. However, In this post we will cover a specific example, a real event: Why Brexit is an […]

Mature student. Graduation. University Degree

Is going to University as a mature student worth it?

I would definitely say this has been one of my biggest concerns before starting University at 26 as a mature student; along with my age, fitting into the environment and finding a job after graduating. Whatever age you are, finding the right answer is extremely difficult. Just like you are doing now, I spent days […]

Right time t study. Mature student. Life change

Why you should return to study now! Mature Student

Here we are again, another year, another economic recession hitting hard. The only difference with the previous one is that this time it’s literally impacting the economy on a global scale. Everyday you hear about job losses, businesses going bankrupt, inflation and so on. However, now we will see why this is the right time […]

invest in yourself, success

Why you should quit your job and invest in yourself.

It is very easy to fall into the vortex of doing “any job”. For some people it works fine, they are happy with that. For others, that often leads to feeling stuck in a job. If this is your case, the worst you can do is to accept it and get used to it. In […]

Stuck in a job. Many thoughts.

I am stuck in a job in hospitality. I don’t see a way out

I know that feeling very, extremely well. Before deciding to change my life completely, I had always been working in the hospitality and customer service industry. I spent years moving from place to place, from cafes to restaurants, from events to hotels, always looking for the perfect work environment. At the end I was left […]

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How to change your Life? Go back to study!

I know why you are here.. You are looking for a way to change your life but you can’t find any. Let me give you the answer already, go back to study! I was in your same situation, stuck in a job I didn’t like (hospitality), and I could not see a way up, nor […]