How to study at home effectively & boost productivity!

study at home

There is a huge misconception about studying at home. In fact, for some reason many people think that it is nice and easy. Apologies for ruining the party, that is just wrong! This comes with no surprise, given how studying from home is also often advertised: having the “freedom” to study whenever you want, wearing … Read more

How to revise for exams effectively (retain information for longer!)

how to revise for exams

How to retain information for a long time after studying? In this post we will go through the best study methods and techniques to revise for exams effectively. It is hard to cope with the university workload, sometimes there are simply too many arguments to go over. Depending on your degree, these can also be … Read more

How to be successful at university, top tips (with examples)

how to be successful at university

University is one if the biggest and most important challenge in life. It has the potential to determine your future for the better. But how can you be successful at university? Is it just a matter of studying hard? Although that is certainly what most suggest, it is not that simple. In this post we … Read more

How to stay on top of your university studies, best tips!

university studies

In this post we will go through the best methods and tips to stay on top of your university studies. Unsurprisingly, many students struggle to cope with the workload, no matter how hard they study or at least try to. This is regardless of what degree you are studying, the university workload is challenging and … Read more