academic writing skills

How to improve academic writing, 3 essential guides

What a stressful topic this was. I was right though, it wasn’t easy at all, and my grades were reflecting it. Luckily, I managed to turn it around and get a First-Class Honours Degree. I hope you do it too if you are struggling! In this post I will share with you the best guides […]

study at home

How to study at home, tips from an ex-mature student

There is a huge misconception about this argument. In fact, for some reason many people think that studying at home is nice and easy. Well, apologies for ruining the party, but from my personal experience I can tell you that it’s not easy at all. Therefore, in this post I will share my best tips […]

more confident

How to become more confident at University if introvert

Let’s be clear here, we are all different and have unique personalities; there is nothing wrong with that! However, confidence is one of those aspects that can be developed, either through experience or through some “adjustments”. In this post I will explain how I managed to become more confident at university. The reality is that […]

internship as a mature student

How I secured an internship as a mature student

Huge topic to tackle here, in this post I will talk about how I got an internship as a mature student. Let me say, it has not been easy at all. If you had been around this blog, you would know that I had two internships as a mature student; one for a SME consultancy […]

successful mature student

How to be successful at University as a mature student

As I mentioned in previous posts, mature students face a unique set of challenges that differs from other students. However, the path to success is very similar for all. What do I mean by being successful? Simple, getting good grades and finding a job afterwards that repays your efforts with financial rewards and career satisfaction. […]

University or professional

University or professional qualification? Adult Dilemma

There are several reasons that might push people to return to study. I started university at 26 as a mature student because I felt stuck in my job and I wanted to change my life. However, university is not your only option. In this post I will go through pros & cons of two study […]

mature student feeling

What is like to be a mature student at University

Let’s be honest, as a mature student at university you are going to have a slightly different experience from the average. This topic often attracts a wave of “fake positivity” that can cause more harm than good. What I mean by that is all those people trying to prove the opposite, that all students are […]

How to prepare for University

How to prepare for University as a mature student

Here we are, (almost) ready to start this life changing experience. By now I would expect that you have completed your application and ideally received your an offer; either conditional or unconditional. If you are still in the application process, this post about “How to write a personal statement as a mature student” might help […]

how to write a personal statement as a mature student

How to write a personal statement as a mature student

It might sound controversial, but I genuinely think mature students overthink too much when it comes down to returning to education. The reason why I am saying this is because I used to do it too. I was overthinking every single aspect of my return to studying, including how to write a personal statement. A […]

Campus gates open. Study on-site or online

Should I study online or on campus? Mature student

Another huge dilemma to solve as a mature student starting university. So many questions and doubts to go through! After discussing which study mode is better for adults, you can find it here if interested: “Study full-time or part-time”, in this post we will try to answer another question: study online or on-campus? There is […]