accounting and finance

Is an Accounting and Finance degree worth it (UK)?

An Accounting and Finance degree is without a doubt an extremely popular choice in the UK. Many are attracted by the highly remunerative positions they can get in those industries, others have a genuine interest for those fields. I have worked in corporate finance myself, although I graduated in International Business & Finance and not […]

Marketing Degree

Is a Marketing Degree worth it in the UK?

Here we are again with another comprehensive subject review. As I said in previous posts, nowadays business degrees are very popular in the UK. The are many different subjects you can choose if you would like to enter the business world. In this post, I will go over one in particular: is a Marketing Degree […]

Business management degree

Is a Business Management degree worth it in the UK?

Nowadays business degrees are a very popular choice for students starting university. However, more students doing the same degree also means more competitors for future jobs. Therefore, in this post I will go over a common concern: is a business management degree worth it in the UK? Firstly, it is important to say what business […]

online degree

Is an online Degree worth it in the UK? Mature student

The online learning industry is growing at an impressive rate. Nowadays people are looking at more “comfortable” ways of studying, and distance learning is certainly one of those options. As a consequence, a common question has arisen: is an online degree worth it in the UK? There are several reasons that might push people to […]

What to study for future jobs in the UK

When deciding what to study, looking at future job market trends is a wise activity to include in your research. I have met many people saying “I would like to study something but I don’t know what”. Therefore, in this article we will see what to study for future jobs in the UK. We are […]