Surrounded by negativity.

Why you are unsure about returning to study

Every day you are hit by something that unconsciously makes you unsure about returning to study. The worst thing is that you might not even notice the impact that it has on your final choice. We previously discussed how the external environment can influence your decision-making when choosing what to study. If you haven’t read […]

Lecture hall. Feeling inappropriate, university

An adult going to University. Feeling inappropriate?

“A fish out of water” I am not really sure you use this expression in English, we do use it where I come from. It expresses the feeling of being in an environment in which you don’t feel comfortable at all. Going to university as an adult, a “mature student”, was one of my greatest […]

Mature student studying. Education

Is it too late to start University? Mature student at 26

Is it really too late to start University? If you have read the previous post, “How to change your life? Go back to study” (thank you if you did) you will know by now what sorts of doubts I had before making the big step and starting University. I can tell you that they were […]