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student profile linkedin

How to create a great student profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not something new, in fact it was created way back in 2003. As it quickly became the largest ...
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History degree

Is a History Degree worth it in the UK?

Here we are with a review of another very popular degree. This time we will be looking at one of ...
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Audible worth it?

Is Audible worth it as a student? A non-reader review

Technology is reshaping the way we do everyday activities, and reading has not certainly been excluded from those. Unsurprisingly, in ...
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student side hustle

A great student side hustle! How to earn money online

Earning money online as a student is one of the most controversial topic I ever explored. Is it possible? The ...
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diet to study

How I changed my diet to study better, my experience

I honestly think some days I spent more time doing this kind of research than actually doing my university work ...
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biomedical sciences formula

Is a Biomedical Sciences degree worth it in the UK?

Here we are with another degree subject to add to our reviews category. This time we will look at another ...
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academic writing skills

How to improve academic writing, 3 essential guides

What a stressful topic this was. I was right though, it wasn't easy at all, and my grades were reflecting ...
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study at home

How to study at home, tips from an ex-mature student

There is a huge misconception about this argument. In fact, for some reason many people think that studying at home ...
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more confident

How to become more confident at University if introvert

Let's be clear here, we are all different and have unique personalities; there is nothing wrong with that! However, confidence ...
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The best student discount? Amazon Prime Student

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, you are not the first one. Personally, I didn't know ...
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accounting and finance

Is an Accounting and Finance degree worth it (UK)?

An Accounting and Finance degree is without a doubt an extremely popular choice in the UK. Many are attracted by ...
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internship as a mature student

How I secured an internship as a mature student

Huge topic to tackle here, in this post I will talk about how I got an internship as a mature ...
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Marketing Degree

Is a Marketing Degree worth it in the UK?

Here we are again with another comprehensive subject review. As I said in previous posts, nowadays business degrees are very ...
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Business management degree

Is a Business Management degree worth it in the UK?

Nowadays business degrees are a very popular choice amongst students. However, more students doing the same degree also means higher ...
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online degree

Is an online Degree worth it in the UK?

The online learning industry is growing at an impressive rate. Nowadays people are looking at more "comfortable" ways of studying, ...
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successful mature student

How to be a successful mature student at University

As I mentioned in previous posts, mature students face a unique set of challenges that differs from other students. However, ...
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University or professional

University or professional qualification? Adult Dilemma

There are several reasons that might push people to return to study. I started university at 26 as a mature ...
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What to study for future jobs in the UK

What to study for future jobs? I have met many people saying "I would like to study something but I ...
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mature student feeling

What is like to be a mature student at University

Let's be honest, as a mature student at university you are going to have a slightly different experience from the ...
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How to prepare for University

How to prepare for University as a mature student

Here we are, (almost) ready to start this life changing experience. By now I would expect that you have completed ...
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how to write a personal statement as a mature student

How to write a personal statement as a mature student

It might sound controversial, but I genuinely think mature students overthink too much when it comes down to returning to ...
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Brexit. European flag, UK flag. Job opportunity

Why Brexit is an opportunity to find a better job!

We have previously discussed how the environment surrounding you influences your decision making about your future. If you want to ...
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Mature student. Graduation. University Degree

Is going to University as a mature student worth it? UK

I would definitely say this was one of my biggest concerns before starting University at 26 as a mature student; ...
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Right time t study. Mature student. Life change

Why you should return to study now! Mature Student

Here we are again, another year, another economic crisis hitting hard. The only difference with the previous one is that ...
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Campus gates open. Study on-site or online

Should I study online or on campus?

Another huge dilemma to solve as a mature student starting university. So many questions and doubts to go through! After ...
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Surrounded by negativity.

Why you are unsure about returning to study

Every day you are hit by something that unconsciously makes you unsure about returning to study. The worst thing is ...
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Study time. Full time or part time

Study full time or part time? A mature student advice

Should I study full-time or part-time? This was one of the hardest decision I had to make before starting University ...
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Man choosing degree.

What Degree should I do? A mature student choice

If you are thinking to go back to study, choosing the right degree course, or any other high-level education, is ...
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invest in yourself, success

Why you should quit your job and invest in yourself.

It is very easy to fall into the vortex of doing "any job". For some people it works fine, they ...
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Stuck in a job. Many thoughts.

I am stuck in a job in hospitality. I don’t see a way out

I know that feeling very, extremely well. Before deciding to change my life completely, I had always been working in ...
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