Best monitors for students UK 2022, study at home essentials

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Having an extra, bigger, screen can really have a positive impact on your studies. Therefore, in this post we will have a look at the best monitors for students.

Before doing that, it is important to outline how to choose a monitor for home studies. The variables below were used to put together our list:

  • Size: what is a good size for a student monitor? We recommend 24 inch monitors for studying at home, a perfect size! This is a notable difference from a normal laptop screen. Moreover, it is not too large also, so you wouldn’t feel completely lost when needing to study on your laptop (very important)!
  • Quality: A good monitor for studying at home will have a high resolution, high image quality and eye caring features; meaning that it would also be great for streaming and watching movies as well as making your studies easier!
  • Price: with new technology coming out constantly, it is very easy for a monitor to reach very high prices. However, there is no need for an expensive monitor as a student! For this list, we will only consider those within the £100 to £150 range, some under some over.

Best monitors for home studying

As usual, you will find a direct link to Amazon UK for each monitor so that you can check current prices, reviews, features and other info.

1. Dell SE2422HX 24 Inch Full HD Monitor

2. HUAWEI Display 24 Inch Monitor Full HD

3. Philips 241V8LA – 24 Inch FHD Monitor

4. Samsung LS24R35AFHUXXU 24 Inch Full HD Monitor 

5. HP M24f Ultraslim Monitor Full HD

6. Lenovo C24-25 PC Computer 24 Inch Monitor

7. KOORUI 24 Inch FHD Monitor

8. iiyama G-Master G2470HSU-B1 24 Inch Full HD Monitor

9. AOC M2470SWH – 24 Inch FHD Monitor

Best monitors and more study essentials

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