Best desk chairs for home studying UK 2023 (budget but quality!)

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In this post we will go through the best office and gaming chairs for your study desk. Having a comfortable chair is essential for studying effectively at home.

The most obvious benefit of having one is, undoubtably, improving your posture and getting rid of those annoying issues related to it such as lower back pain and neck stiffness.

This is important as those issues, as well as being a problem for your health, might disrupt your studies and prevent you from performing well.

A quality desk char can really have a positive impact on your study journey!

How to choose a good desk chair for studying from home?

As usual, before we go through the list of desk chairs, it is important to underline the criteria to choose one. Those were used to make our list, just like we did when we went through the best monitors for students.

  • Ergonomic design: A good office/gaming chair needs to be ergonomic for studying at home comfortably. Essentially, this means that it is designed to support your back and reduce stress and pressure on it.
  • Armrests: although this is often overlooked, it can make a difference. Having to keep your arms stretched on your study desk at all time is not ideal for your posture. Therefore, a good desk chair would also have armrests.
  • Price: unsurprisingly, office and gaming chairs can be very expensive. Unfortunately, this puts many students off from getting one. So, for our list we will look for the best value for money, but we will stay on a reasonable budget.

Best desk chairs for students

As usual, you will find a direct link to Amazon UK to check prices, reviews and other info. Let’s now go through the list of best office and gaming chairs. (p.n. numbers are only numerical and not for ranking)

1. YONISEE Desk Chair

2. SONGMICS Office Chair

3. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

4. BASETBL Office Chair

5. COMHOMA Gaming Chair

6. naspaluro office chair

7. Yaheetech Office Chair

8. YOLEO Gaming Chair

9. ELECWISH Desk Chair

Office chair vs gaming chair, which one is better to study at home?

Both, office and gaming chairs, are great for studying at home. They are both designed to be comfortable when sitting for long hours.

However, it is worth going through the main differences in order to make a more appropriate choice:

  • Office chairs: these are generally lighter and easier to assemble. As they are less bulky, it is easier to carry/move them around. An office chair would suit better someone who does not have a proper study desk and would need to move things around often.
  • Gaming chairs: these are generally sturdy and heavy, which would suit someone who has a fixed study desk and won’t need to move it often. Moreover, it is worth noting that it might also take some time/practicality to assemble them, although a detailed guidance is usually provided.

Best desk chairs and more study essentials

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