Best backpacks for university students UK 2022, comfortable and stylish

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Are you looking for a good backpack for university but not sure how to choose one? In this post you can find the best backpacks for university students. At the end you will also find more lists of student essentials.

So, how to choose a good backpack for university? There are certainly some criteria to consider. It is important to have a look at them before we go through the best backpacks for university students.

  • Capacity: many students make the same mistake when they choose a backpack for university; they think it will only need to fit a laptop, a pad and a pen, that’s about it. Well, unless you want to carry the rest by hands (e.g. power bank/charger, textbooks, water bottle, meals, jacket/clothes, umbrella etc), you might want to rethink that.
  • Material: a good backpack for university means it has to last until graduation at least; and ideally even beyond that for work/travel. Another key feature to consider is waterproof, particularly in the UK! You don’t really want it to get soaked in those rainy days, potentially damaging your laptop or other devices.
  • Comfortable: your backpack might get very heavy at times. This is not ideal for your posture while going around the campus or commuting. A good backpack for university needs to be ergonomic, meaning that it’s designed to support your posture. A key feature to look out for is definitely a well padded back and straps!
  • Style: I’ve left this for the end because you should only be looking at it if the previous three criteria have been met. If so, getting a stylish backpack for university is definitely a nice plus!

Best backpacks for university students UK

Now that we are ready, let’s check out our list of the best backpacks for university students. As usual, you will find a direct link to Amazon UK to check current prices, features and other info. Please note: some of the backpacks below also come in different sizes (and colours); remember to select the one that fits your laptop!

1. VASCHY Vintage Backpack

2. JOYHILL Vintage Laptop Backpack

3. Ambor Laptop Backpack

4. FUXINGYAO Laptop Backpack

5. Lekesky Laptop Rucksack

6. Sosoon Laptop Backpack

7. KROSER Laptop Backpack

Another criteria not mentioned above is price. Basically, this list only included backpacks that met the criteria above, but also at a reasonable price. Supposedly, you can find better backpacks if you are willing to spend more.

Best backpacks for university students and more essentials

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Are you looking for more student essentials?