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How to change your Life? Go back to study!

I know why you are here.. You are looking for a way to change your life but you can’t find any. Let me give you the answer already, go back to study! I was in your same situation, stuck in a job I didn’t like (hospitality), and I could not see a way up, nor a way out. Going back to study changed my life, now I want to help you change yours.

I was 26 and my career was not giving me any satisfaction whatsoever. I kept changing job and jumping from place to place hoping to find the perfect work environment. Always working hard and saying yes. However, it looked like hospitality was leading me to a dead end.

You are a “hard worker”

When I tried to progress to better positions with higher salaries, and trust me I did try, something always came up. Lack of qualifications despite being considered a “reliable hard worker”; the company hiring external people for the role; someone who started earlier than me would get the job and so on.

work hard, dream big

All I was able to achieve were positions like supervisor or team leader. Yes, plenty of enthusiasm at the beginning, doing extra hours and having lots of responsibilities for only few extra quid. But what about progressing further? It would take ages without qualifications!

Going back to study by necessity

The thought alone of spending that many years in such job was killing me. I even started to think that I deserved that, because I did not want to study back in the days. I was “doomed” to that life, so better get used to it. Luckily I did not give up and let me go like that.

go back to study, go get the success

I decided to go back to study at 26 and change my life, I had nothing to lose. If anything, I could go back to my old life and job. I knew I was going to be a mature student, on average, older than everyone around me at every single lecture. Before applying I faced the biggest obstacle, a barrier made of doubts and questions. The same that you are facing now.

“A barrier made of doubts”

Is it too late? Will I be able to get back to study at a university level? (I never was a fan of studying). Will I make friends and socialise? What degree should I do? Am I going to find a job after graduating? Will I get rejected from job applications because of my age? Should I study full-time or part-time? How will I cope financially if switching from working full-time to part-time?

These are just some of the questions that were ruining my sleep, and I am sure they are ruining yours now. This is why I started this blog, I had to deal with that barrier myself. I will go through every single one of them, and hopefully help you overcome the barrier. You can make it too!

“An adult returning to education”, a mature student

Everyone around me looked so young. I had completely different interests, arguments to talk about, I was basically “a fish out of water”. I realised the mature student’s University experience differs slightly from the rest. But you are not alone, there is a community of mature students out there!

team work, collaboration, mature students

An “adult returning to education” (yes, this is the category I fell into). I never wanted to take the student loan, although this is not a recommendation, it was me being stubborn. I managed a part time job, thanks hospitality for that, while studying full time for the entire duration of my degree course. It is absolutely DOABLE!

I have graduated in International Business and Finance at the age of 30, right in the middle of a pandemic! I spent the first three years studying onsite and the last, most challenging, studying remotely due to Covid. But let me tell you, my age did not matter, and your age WILL NOT matter either! I wasn’t the first doing this, and you won’t be the last.

Just Do it, go back to study and change your life!

Was it worth it? Absolutely yes! I have discussed why in this article if you are interested “Is going to University as a mature student worth it?”. I now have a graduate job related to what I studied, and I am earning much more than I was in my old job.

mature student success, back to study

My experience in hospitality did serve me well not only to find a part time job during studies, but also on my CV for my job hunting after graduating!

Whether you are considering to start university, any other form of higher education or professional qualification, just do it! So don’t waste any more time and make the step, go back to study and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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I will study and get ready and someday my chance will come” – Abraham Lincoln

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