About this Blog

Welcome! This blog is independent and not affiliated with any university or institution. It was born with clear objectives, let’s go trough them: (these are not ordered by importance!)

1. Not the usual advice

From student mental health & wellbeing to effective study tips, there seems to be a lack of proper and effective advice out there. The reality is that student overall wellbeing is going down, and no one really cares.

On this blog we aim to give honest, sometimes “raw” and controversial, advice.

2. Remind the importance of education

There is far too much negativity around education nowadays. The digital era has paved the way for a horde on “online gurus” promising an easy life (and money), while literally advising to not pursue education.

Therefore, another objective of this blog is to remind everyone the importance of education in all its forms, from personal knowledge to university & academia.

3. Future anxiety

Future anxiety needs to be addressed, there is too much uncertainty within the student community regarding post university life.

In layman’s terms, the education system does not do enough to prepare students for the real world. So, when they try to enter job market, they struggle.

Therefore, career advice and job market tips will be important areas of focus of this blog.

4. Returning to education

Another objective of this blog is to encourage people that are thinking to return to education, but are held back by a barrier made of doubts and questions.

Is it too late to go to university? Am I too old to study? Will I fit into the university environment as a mature student?

We will try to answer all those together! “Believe you can, and you are halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

5. Inspiring student stories

A big help to reach our objectives will come from successful student stories. We will collect and share as many as possible to hopefully reach many students who might relate to those closely.

The aim is to make you realise that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, you are not the first who is facing whatever challenge you are, and you won’t be the last. Believe in yourself!

If you would like to share yours, either anonymously or publicly (social media links welcome) get in touch and we will get it published!

Thank you

Ultimately, thank you for reading and supporting this independent blog!

Please also be aware that everything you will find on this blog is solely based on the authors’ experience and opinions.

Therefore, consider everything you read on this blog as an opinion only.